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Newbury Geological Study Group Constitution

Newbury Geological Study Group

CONSTITUTION  (9 June 2019)

1. The Society shall be called “The Newbury Geological Study Group” (NGSG)

2. The objects of NGSG shall be:
To promote the study of geology and landforms in general, with specific reference to the British Isles and local area. Such studies to include where applicable related subjects. e.g. weather, natural and local history, archaeology, etc.

3. The Committee shall consist of the officers, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and other general committee members as  decided by the members at a general meeting.

4. The committee may co-opt other members from the Group. If any member of the committee leaves the committee for any reason then the committee may appoint a replacement to serve until the next general meeting.

5. The committee shall arrange visits to sites of geological interest and other activities to support the objects of NGSG.

6. The financial year shall run from 1 August to 31 July.

7. The Annual General Meeting of NGSG shall be held each year in order to:

a. Receive and accept a report on the work of the Group and Committee during the past year.

b. Receive and approve the Financial Statement.

c. To elect the officers and committee.

d. To elect an examiner for the accounts. The examiner may be a member, but not an officer,

e. To conduct any other business.

8. A quorum for a general meeting shall not be less than 10 members. For a committee meeting not less than two officers.

9. Any change in the subscription may be made by the committee.

10. An extra-ordinary general meeting may be called by three or more members, providing that notice is given to the Secretary in writing not less than three weeks before the proposed date.

11. The constitution can only be amended by a majority vote at a General Meeting.