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Newbury Geological Study Group


The Geology of Britain - An introduction by Peter Toghill. Swan Hill Press. (Beginner)
The Geology of England & Wales by P J Brenchley and P F Rawson. Geological Association (Advanced)
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rocks of the World by John Farndon. Anness publishing (Reference)   
The Geological History of The British Isles by Arelene Hunter & Glynda Easterbrook (Reference)



Those who attend the class will be given immediate access to the available videos. The videos will be made generally available some time in the future. The video file is in mp4 format. If you have a fast enough internet connection the video file will play if you click on the link. Or you can download the file. With most browsers this is done by right clicking on the link and choosing ‘Save link as’. The file should be playable on most devices as it is in a standard format. As we were not charging for the class on 3rd November the video is being made available to all members.   

27 October 2020 - No video available.  

3 November 2020 - NGSG3NOVEC.mp4

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Chalk Guide
PlateTectonics And Biodiversity
Quaternary Stratigraphy