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Newbury Geological Study Group Health and Safety

Your safety is of  great importance to us so please read the section below.  There is a short health and safety briefing before each trip. This points out any unusual hazards we are aware of  including tide times where appropriate.  Many sites we visit are by their very nature hazardous to some extent and there is always the need to be careful. On the seashore there are additional hazards such as slippery rocks and the danger of being cut off by the tide, so special care is always required.    

Take special care when clambering over rocks especially on the sea shore.

Do not undertake any part of the trip or any activity you are not comfortable about.   

Take care when using hammers or acid. Wear goggles where there is hammering taking place. Think about others as well as yourself.

A hard hat is be required on most trips. We do not supply these, but they can be purchased for a few pounds from DIY stores or builders merchants. Get one with holes for fixing a chin strap .

Clothes suitable for the time of year must be worn. Generally, outdoor clothes suitable for country walking will be adequate and waterproofs should always be carried. Walking boots or other footwear with a good grip should be worn and may be essential for some trips.

We often need to walk a few miles and sometimes to go over rough ground or across rocks. Occasionally there is a longer walk involved. We give as much detail as we can about this in the description for the trip.  

Wear your hard hat when near to cliff or quarry faces. Also on slippery sea shores.